Holiday to South Africa!

So the dates are finalised, and the flights are all booked.

The family are making space, and the friends have all been alerted.

We’ll be arriving in JHB on the 7th of April, at around 13:00.
Can’t wait!

That is, after a flight to Gatwick, and then a Flight to Windhoek (Yes… Windhoek, in Namibia), and then finally to JHB. Thats almost 16 hours after we depart from Dublin.

We’ll then be heading down to Cape Town on the 16th to do the real Tourist stuff we could never afford to do when we lived in South Africa.. (Isn’t that sad!)

And then we’re off back to Dublin on the 20th. Sadly, not going back via JHB.

So now you all know 🙂
(I’ll be available on my old South Africa Cellphone number during the duration of our stay, if anyone feels like giving me a call)holiday, south africa