St Patricks – Part 1

As I’m sure everyone knows, Saint Patrick’s Day was on Saturday, 17th March. For this reason, Monday the 19th was made an Irish Bank Holiday.
“Long weekend!”, I hear everyone scream.

Now there’s a few things you non-Irish people should know…
The Irish love long weekends (don’t we all) and the Irish love to drink. Now combine this with the St Patrick’s Day festivities… and you can just imagine the exciting events that follow.

Its my first St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, so, in my typical “tourist” mindset, I thought this was going to be good fun (now known as craic, pronounced “crack”).

We set out into town on the Saturday to go watch the parade. Now, I’ve never seen a parade before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.
There were people… lots of them. And some of them had brought their own step-ladders to be able to see over the crowds.
Due to all the bus services terminating on the South side of the Liffey, and the Parade starting on the North side, we just headed for the nearest point along the Parade route that we could get to. As it turned out, we weren’t the only ones that did this, so we started walking down the Parade route to find a nice spot where we could see the road.

Eventually, we found a nice spot, and “parked” ourselves as firmly as we could.

I couldn’t get too close to the barriers, as I couldn’t squeeze my (rather… bulky) self through the crowds, but my other half managed to fit in with the kids in the front,

As it turned out, we were about three quarters of the way along the route.
A word of advice to people who are thinking of participating in parades in future:
If you’re going to be “performing” in the parade, understand how long the route is.
If you’re going to get tired half way down the route, then don’t bother taking part, you’ll just spoil it for everyone. There’s nothing more depressing than a performer, all done up in make-up and a fancy outfit, strolling along amongst the other performers with a “couldn’t be arsed to smile” attitude. That really spoils things.

So thats the Parade over. The end of the parade being signaled by two shiny new street sweeper van thingys.

In Part 2, some pictures, and the part where things really start going downhill.

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