Yes, food!

I love food. And I ate plenty of it while I was in South Africa.
Food in South Africa is cheap too! For a little over the cost of a meal out for the two of us in our favourite little restuarant in Blackrock, we could have taken the family out for a meal in a fancy restuarant in Rosebank!

Irish Meat is aweful. It has almost no flavour to it, and I dont think they know how to marinate it here either.

That being said, there are tons of other places to eat, besides your usual steak house.
And it tastes great! Even the Pizza’s taste better here.
Indian, Asian, African and everywhere in between. There’s even a South African Restuarant in Dundrum which serves stuff like miellie pap.

Its time for a diet now… or maybe those airplane seats were just a little smaller on the trip back…