MythTV on NTL Analogue in Ireland

I’m about to submit my MythTV for its WAF rating, before being put into full use in the house.
So to make things nice and easy to use, and to also assist in finding all the favourite episodes for recording, I’ve put every NTL Analogue channel into the channel database, with mythfilldatabase working 100% fetching all the scheduling information.

So for everyone that has been trying to get this working, I’ll dump all the necessary configs here, so you can get yours going too.

First is the channel definitions in the mythconverg database.
You can download the basic settings here. This just contains the essentials so you can add them in yourself, and number them yourself.
If you want an exact copy of my channel settings, I have a dump of my channel database here.

And then to make mythfilldatabase happy, I have my channel configuration (from ~/.mythtv/)
This needs to be named the same as your Video Source (select name from videosource). with the .xmltv extension.
Mine is NTL Analogue.xmltv, rename yours accordingly, or just call your video source “NTL Analogue”

Then pop this little script in a directory somewhere, and add it to cron. It’ll update your XMLTV Schedules, and let you know if you start running out of data, 3 days should be enough.


export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3

DAYS_OF_SCHEDULE=`mysql --skip-column-names -B -D mythconverg --execute "SELECT TO_DAYS(max(endtime)) - TO_DAYS(now()) FROM program;"`

if [ $DAYS_OF_SCHEDULE -lt 3 ]; then
        mail -s "[PANIC] Only $DAYS_OF_SCHEDULE worth of Schedule left on your MythTV" $EMAIL <<-END
              Something isn't working properly, your Schedules aren't updating!

Stick this in your cron, to run at night. Try make it NOT run on the hour, otherwise the XMLTV source will get hit by everyone trying to update on the hour.
Make sure that runs as your mythtv user (so it can access your ~/.mythtv/<sourcename>.xmltv file).
Also make sure that you have a ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt file with your Database settings in it, like so:


Ofcourse, update where needed. These are just the default values.

That should do it. Run that script manually and keep an eye on it to see if any obvious errors pop up.