Things that are easier to do in Africa

There are a number of little things I’ve come to notice over the last year.
Some things are just so much easier in South Africa.

Everything in Ireland has a website, which is great when it comes to getting information thats already on the site. The problem is, most of these places think that having a website means they don’t need anyone on the phones to answer queries.
I’ve had the extreme displeasure of having to deal with a number of companies that simply refuse to list their phone numbers, anywhere.

And now, I shall delve into the depths of Banking in Ireland.
*WARNING* This may be incoherant and rantish, mostly out of frustration.

Banking in Ireland… what a fantastic, fun-filled rollercoaster of bewilderment.
I’ve never been so underwhelmed at the service from a bank in a supposedly world-leading economy.

First there are all the loopholes you have to jump through, just to open a new account.
You need a PPS number, which you can’t get unless you have a bill with your name and address on it.
You can’t pay the bill, or anything for that matter until you have money.
You can’t get money, until you have a bank account.

Through some miracle of sneakiness (and because Jeanine has an EU passport) I was able to get my name on the ESB (electricity) bill. So then I was able to apply for a PPS number, which meant I could open a Bank Account, which meant I was finally getting paid.

Next, is attempting to apply for a Credit Card.
Jeanine gave up on it a long time ago.
I’m trying to do it now, and not having much success.
I’ve applied, I’ve had to prove my credit history (which I don’t have much of, since I’ve only been here for a year)
And now I sit and wait, for them to call me and tell me what they think.

Why does it take 3 days to transfer money from a savings account, to your current account at the same bank. After you’ve gone into the branch to do the transaction. No idea!
It would have been quicker to draw the cash, and then redeposit it. But nooooo, this is the way it must be done.

Online banking is a joke. You have to do everything in branch or by phone banking.
If you want to create a new recipient, you need to phone it in, and then you can only pay them after 5 days.

Most of my gripes involve the banking, and I could go on all day about it, but I won’t.

I’ve noticed that since they’ve started messing with the M50 this week, there are loads more people on the public transport. This leads me to believe that they’re only on the public transport because they don’t want to sit in the traffic on the M50.
Why haven’t they been using the public transport all this time? If the public transport exists, and it works for you, why not use it?
That makes me think that all the traffic thats been clogging up the M50 has been caused by inconsiderate, lazy people who don’t want to use the public transport.
I’d rather be sitting on a bus/train in the mornings reading the newspaper, than sitting on a long thin parking lot getting frustrated with everyone else.

English? Do you speak it?
It takes a fair bit of imagination to classify the Irish as English speaking, because its almost impossible to understand if you’re not Irish. Actually, that goes for England too. That “new English” that the Brits are speaking isn’t English anymore, its a collection of gurgles and swearing.
But how are you supposed to cope when every second person you come across can barely speak English?
How can you expect to come to an English speaking country, and fit in as a normal working member of said society, without being able to speak English?
It just doesn’t make sense to me.
I wouldn’t consider moving to Spain if I couldn’t speak Spanish, it just won’t work.

Okay, thats the end of todays rant. But I’m sure it won’t be the last time I rant about banking in Ireland