Meeting Mentality in Ireland

In Ireland, nothing starts on time. Infact, some things just don’t happen at all.
Like busses, which are never where they’re supposed to be.

People in Ireland have this mentality of “It’ll happen when I want it to happen”.
Meetings… Never happen the first time, or second time around. You have to schedule it, email them, book the room and organise the coffee. Then you wait for 10 minutes for them, then you have to go find them and remind them that they’re supposed to be in a meeting.

I presented my first training session today.
I was giving training on a new, and rather important piece of software (which I wrote)

I booked out the Boardroom, did the usual Powerpoint presentation, and had it all planned out.
Using my Outlook Skills, I sent a meeting invitation to a list of people who will need to interact with the software in some manner, around 30 in total.

12 people accepted the meeting invitation. 5 declined it.
Of the 5 that declined it, 2 told me they were otherwise busy, the other 3 didn’t give a reason at all.
I contacted the 2, and gave them a quick little training session at their desks.

The training was supposed to be at 10am today.
At 10:10, one person arrived. A person who hadn’t actually responded to the meeting invitation.

By 10:30, I started training… To 1 person. (and a colleague, who felt sorry for me)

Its now 12:00, and so far only 1 person has come to be to appologise.
The rest have been told that the new software is live, and they’re expected to know how to use it because they’ve all been trained.

Feeding the Blame Mentality in Ireland should be discouraged, but its just too easy.