Back South

We went back to South Africa for Christmas and New Year.
It was a nice 2 week break from all the madness of Ireland (especially around Christmas time)
It was also a break from reasonable internet access. It was just so slow trying to post blog updates, that I gave up after attempting to login for 5 minutes (and I’m not that much of a blog addict to sit through the pain).

So I’m back now, and I’ll be telling you all of our trip, complete with pictures and the odd video.
There is so much to say, so I’m in the process of writing it all up, and then I’ll probably have to split it into multiple posts to make them readable.

Our adventures covered things ranging from the mundane (such as waiting in queues to renew a drivers license) to the frustrating (lost luggage, destroyed credit cards), and even as far as the bizarre (elephant riding and pet zebras).
So keep checking back…