Christmas in the Sun – part 1

As promised… Tales from the Holiday

We flew with Air France this time around. Dublin to Johannesburg, via Paris.
None of this 2-stop nonsense (Last time, we did Johannesburg to Windhoek to London to Dublin).

The Flights were great, the service was good, and the onboard movies were good.
I don’t think they make those seats for people with shoulders though.

Arrival in Johannesburg was good, smoothest landing yet. I didn’t even realise we’d landed until Jeanine nudged me.
Too bad our luggage didn’t get to experience it too. It was still in France. Apparently they need at least 1h30 to transfer the luggage between planes, and our stopover was only 1h15, so it missed the flight.

Service at the baggage collection counter was less than friendly. Infact, I got the impression we were just there to get on their nerves, and they were having a perfectly crappy day before we got there to make it crappier.
It was the typical Im-just-doing-my-job-dont-make-me-talk-to-you greeting… *hand shoots out* *demands baggage ticket*, without so much as looking up.

Carla (a person I’ll be sure to tell you all about when I get to the part where we attempt to check in on the way home), was quite amusing for a while. Until I had to actually speak to her. I _almost_ took pity on her, while she was being assaulted by other angry travellers about their missing luggage.

We eventually got some vague instructions as to how we were supposed to find our luggage, and a phone number.
I spent 2 days dialing that F#£$%!ing number. It would ring 8 times, then go engaged. And any subsequent attempts to dial it for the next 5 minutes would go engaged immediately. I must have dialed that number 80+ times. Got through once, to be informed that my luggage would be delivered the next day.

For 3 days, we were without luggage. So we had to buy clothes and toiletries as we went. It wasn’t so bad, considering we’ll (eventually) get our money back from Air France for everything that we spent (€100 per day, per bag).

Still haven’t got anything back from Air France yet. Its (According to their call centre), a 3-4 week process. I had to provide original reciepts, Flight Tickets, Baggage Tickets, a letter from me explaining my story, and a DNA sample.
And to top it off, when the luggage did eventually arrive, it was ripped. So I had to explain that in the letter too, along with a few pictures.

In theory, they’ll refund me the total of the reciepts. Then they’ll come collect the luggage for inspection, and if they think its shredded enough, they’ll repair or replace it (at their discression).

Thanks Air France.