Christmas in the Sun – part 2

We’d waited so long, and now we were finally in the land of the sun.

And it was hot.
A little too hot infact. I wasn’t use to it anymore, I was suffering.

Then there was the drive back home, which was an experience.

I’m so accustomed to driving on Irish roads, where the drivers are courteous and the speed limits are actually speed limits, instead of minimum advisory speeds.

How many Car Dealerships does a country need? I’m sure I saw more dealerships in the trip from the airport to Eastgate (massive shopping centre, for the foreign readers), than I’ve seen in the whole of Dublin.
It just goes to show that there’s a very different set of values in South Africa and Ireland.
In Ireland, a car is a means of transport. In South Africa, its a means of expressing how far in debt you are.
Same goes for Cellphones.

It seems, that even though I’ve only lived in Ireland for a little over a year, my perception and expectations have changed. Things that seemed normal to me, are becoming more unusual.
I’ve learned how to use a traffic circle properly. And if a road is too narrow for two cars to pass, its not a chance to play chicken with the oncoming driver.

So.. back to this holiday…
Eastgate, was deserted.
Again, for the foreigners, did I mention how big Eastgate is? Its big… You Irish folk have no idea what a proper shopping centre is.
I’ve never seen it that empty before. And it was the week before christmas.
I was able to get a parking spot, near an entrance, without having to wait 20 minutes.

Prices have definately gone up. Especially food prices. But I suppose thats happening everywhere.
Its still a whole lot cheaper than Ireland. Which would explain why we were so far over the baggage limit when we left (although, in fairness, most of it was what we bought to get us through the 3 days without clothes)

The drive home from Eastgate was just as scary. More car dealerships!

It was good to be back. Home, family, puppies, swimming pool. SUNSHINE!