Why do I always feel guilty after renting a movie?

I rented a few movies from the local Xtra-vision for the weekend.

So we get all cozy on the couch, with a pizza and some popcorn.
First, we get the 2 minutes of Disclaimers and Copyright notices, in 23 different languages. And then a notice from the FBI, in a few hundred other languages.
Then we’re forced to sit through a “Downloading-a-movie-is-like-stealing-a-car” clip, which you cannot fast forward, skip or even pause.

Why must I watch this? I rented the movie. I paid for it. Why must I be forced to sit and watch something that doesn’t apply to me?
How dare they dictate what I can and cannot do in my own home, on my DVD player.

And don’t tell me they put it there so that Movie Pirates will be forced to watch it too if they copy the DVD.
Its the first thing they remove from the Videos… No-one wants to see that.

Apparently I’m not the only person that gets annoyed with this nonsense

So thats why I always feel bad about it. Because the MPAA and all their buddies want me to.