The essential guide to basic handyman tools (Everything a man must own)

We moved to a new Apartment.
And thats just one of the many excuses I’ve come up with for the lack of updates 🙂

I’ve learned a few things about being a man, and being handy around the house.

First, you need tools:
1) Leatherman
2) Zippo
3) Maglite

Every man should have these 3 items. No excuses.
The Leatherman, has everything you’ll ever need. Think of it as a more robust Swiss Army Knife, with bigger pliers.
A Zippo… no explanation needed. Man make Fire!
A Maglite, not a little mini-maglite. A proper Maglite. At least a 3 D-Cell Maglite. Nice and heavy, great for attacking unwanted intruders, and useful if you find yourself in the dark.
And all 3 of them have a lifetime warranty.