Naming your Child

We’re doing a little touring over the next few months.
Now travelling on a South African Passport is far from easy. Infact, its near impossible if you’re going anywhere that requires a Visa. Which is just about, Everywhere!
Its a real pain in the ass.

So I was at the French Embassy applying for a Multi-Entry Shengen Visa.
The Visa section is a tiny waiting room (Looks like a converted double garage), with 9 seats in a U-shaped layout, and a bank-teller style window where you get grilled about your intentions.

They only allow 10 applicants in at a time (the rest get to stand out in the street until someone leaves). But today, each applicant had a child in tow (except me), so it was a little crowded in there.

Now loads of kids in a confined space, causes a load of screaming and screeching. And parents shouting at their offspring, “Leave the ladies bag alone!”, “Stop pulling that kids hair”, etc.

There was one well behaved little boy, who was laughing and playing under the chairs, just keeping to himself and not bugging anyone. We learned that his name was Robert.
Both his parents were there. The father was Irish, and the mother was Chinese.
His mother, had a partial dublin accent, we call this Dublinese.

Someone’s other child had escaped through the front door, and was heading as fast as a 2 year old can travel, towards the front gate. So there was a rush of excitement as people dashed to stop it.

In the meantime, Robert had climbed up on to a chair, and another kid was complaing loudly to his mother that “He’s sitting on daddies seat!”. Daddy was standing at the interrogation window, and wasn’t going to be returning to his chair any time soon. This little brat was getting on my nerves lately, he was a spoilt little shit, and was always complaining to mommy about everything.

Robert’s mom had decided to try and keep the peace, and started to reign him in and keep him close.

It soon became apparent, that Robert’s father won, when it came to naming their child.

“Lobert”, wasn’t listening to his mother.