What are we going to do with all the Pictures?

I know I’ve taken loads of pictures over the past few years.
Pictures of all sorts of places, all of different resolutions. Some taken during the day, some at night.
I have a digital picture collection that has pictures from about 6 different cameras (and thats excluded all the not-so-great pictures that were taken with Camera Phones)

The question is, what am I supposed to do with all the pictures?
I’ve had a load of them printed by MyPhotoAlbum and I’ve got a few DVD’s full of pictures, and I’ve got about 3GB of pictures on my laptop as we speak.
I was considering uploading them to Flickr, but whats the point? 99% of them wouldn’t interest anyone.

But, as usual, some very clever people have come up with a few very clever things to do with the worlds photo collections

Noah Snavely et al. show us a few concepts, called Photo Tourism.
Basically, what they’ve done is collect as many pictures as they can, of the same thing.
Then using software, they’ve “stitched” them into a scene. You can move around, and it will select the best photograph for your current perspective.
I’ll let this video explain it to you.

And there’s also PhotoSynth.

Also, I can’t forget my previous post on Using photographs to Enchance Video of a Static Scene