While we’re at it…

It seems like this is the O2 Rant month. It seems that most of the rants have been about the difficulties in getting your hands on an iPhone in Ireland.
Then there’s a mention from Pat that O2 in Germany have started blocking calls to Rebtel, trying very hard to stamp on competition, but only really managing to alienate their customers.
Its no wonder people are trying to find ways around O2’s ridiculous rates. O2 Ireland charge €3.23 per minute for calls to South Africa. (If you can find their rates… in that maze they call a website)

No differentiation between South African mobile phones, and landlines. Just a crazy rate of €3.23

South Africa is classified as a “Rest of World” destination.


And these are the rates for customers on O2 contracts.

Meanwhile, Maxroam can offer the same, for a whole lot less.


Now this is far from an exhaustive comparison of call rates to South Africa from Mobile phone providers, but it definately shows you the massive difference in pricing.

Now I use Blueface to make phone calls to South Africa. Their Freedom World package is €24.99 a month, but calls to South African landlines are free, and on their other packages its €0.05 a minute.
Yep, thats not a typo. Thats 5 cents a minute. And calls to South African mobiles are €0.20 a minute.
Combined with their Go Mobile service, you’ve got some dirt cheap international calls from your mobile phone.
Go check out their rates yourself.

So, in short. O2 are ripping us off, and its very obvious after a few minutes of investigation.

Now if only they’d refund Jeanine for the small fortune she ended up paying on a few phonecalls to her mom (on a landline), and charge a more reasonable rate. Heck, I’m even willing to pay €1.00 a minute, but €3.23 is just insane.