Jawug gets a mention on ZA Tech Show

Jawug got a mention in todays ZA Tech Show podcast.

At 45 minutes, they stray onto the topic of Wireless User Groups.

Just a note to people who listened to it, WUGs are legal, as long as they don’t provide internet access, and don’t make a profit. This has been acknowledged by ICASA (not just ICASA turning a blind eye to it)
The WUG guys actually went to ICASA for a hearing, and this was the outcome.

Duncan even mentions me by name around 50 minutes in! I’m famous! Heh
Justin and myself met with Duncan a few years back when he was doing an article for the Financial Mail.

We’re still growing! And fighting for spectrum space, between all the WISPs that ARE illegal.
You cannot use the ISM spectrum for a profit, even if you have a VANS. End of story.

So if you come across a WISP that blames their problems on interference all the time, you know they they’re using unlicensed spectrum, which makes them illegal.

Real Wireless ISP’s pay for Spectrum. It also means that ICASA has to listen to them when they complain about interference.