Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

Whats is the point of having this at the end of your email signature?

If you have these sage words of advice, you probably have a stupid 10 line disclaimer about “if you’re not the intended recipient, please don’t read this email” nonsense too. At the end of the email. After you’ve read it.

Do people even realise that your little “legal” disclaimer has absolutely no power at all?
It means nothing. Email is not a legally binding medium, therefore, your email disclaimer means nothing, legally.

Hows this for a suggestion.
Don’t have the stupid legal disclaimer. Don’t have the stupid save the environment nonsense either. That way, when someone does need to print the email, your signature doesn’t take up another page of paper all for itself.

So, lets save a tree or two. Get rid of your excessively long and pointless Email signature.