FNB do it again

Thanks FNB.

Thank you for finally convincing me to shut my accounts with you. I don’t really need them anymore anyway.

I thought you’d like my business, since you charge a small fortune for all the international transfers I do.So, incase any other banks want to replicate FNB’s performance, just follow this guide.

  1. Cancel people’s VISA cards because it was used overseas (Never mind the fact that its been used overseas hundreds of times over the last 2 years)
  2. Make it impossible for customers to authorize the collection of a replacement card by a third party.
  3. Eventually deliver the new card, to the wrong address.
  4. Suspend accounts because your employees don’t know how to dial an international number to get hold of the account holder.
  5. Make it impossible to unsuspend an account without the customer going to the branch.

So in general, try to be as incompetent as possible.

I’ll miss the weekly phonecalls to try and resolve bizarre problems, the embarrasment of getting my card declined at till points and the periodic threatening voicemails that your employees leave on my south african cellphone.

So thanks for everything FNB, but its over now.

One thought on “FNB do it again”

  1. heh.. FNB could punch me in the face and I would still love them! Dont bank international tho…

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