New additions to the family

No, not babies…

2 Dogs.

We found Rooney and Izzy at the ASH Animal rescue shelter.

Rooney’s owners moved to Italy, and Izzy was found living on a rubble pile.

Sadly, Rooney was taken to the pound until the owners settled in Italy. They even organised a Pet Passport for him, but he never got to use it. For some reason, they just didn’t follow through and he was left looking for a home.

Izzy was feral, living on a rubble pile. She’d had no human contact, and it took 2 years to catch her. After a while at ASH, they brought in a behavioural specialist to see what could be done about he. After 2 days of working with Izzy, they were able to get her to accept physical contact.

Its been 1.5 years since Izzy has been socialised, and she’s loving every minute of it. She’s like a little shadow following us wherever we go around the house, looking for a scratch.

Rooney is really cheeky and energetic. Its almost exhausting. But we’ve figured out that a nice long walk in the evenings tires him out enough to be able to have a quiet evening.

Pictures will come, eventually.

But for now, please head over to ASH Animal Rescue, and if you can, help them out a little.

3 thoughts on “New additions to the family”

  1. What breed are they? Will pop over to see the next time I’m up. No problems with the claws on the timber floor? First time my parents let the dog in on the new timber floor he could barely stand and trying to run was like something out of a looney toon cartoon, he would run on the spot until momentum built up.

    1. Izzy is a cross Dachshund and Miniature Collie (we think), and Rooney is some sort of Jack Russel cross.
      Rooney still slides around on the wood flooring, but he’s more likely to knock your legs out from under you, than slide into a wall…

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