An ad campaign with no product?

Okay, wtf Microsoft?
Too much money, or are you just out to say that Apple is too expensive?

Their latest set of adverts (Here’s the one from last week), are pretty pointless.

They’ve created a series called “Laptop Hunter”, where they take people off the street (who are really actors, but shhh), and set them loose with the promise that if they find a laptop with the specs they want, they can keep it.

What are they selling? HP Laptops? There’s no mention of Windows or Microsoft anywhere.

Here’s their latest one, which is leaving me thinking they have too much free time, and a few people in marketing that need to have their jobs explained to them. 

CrunchGear go into more depth on this (because they have to… they get paid for it) (I just like to rant ;P)

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