RTE Player open to the Public

RTE have opened their online catch-up service to the public today.

They call it the RTE Player.

I’ve been playing around with this for a few days now. (Thanks RTE for giving me a beta account!)

Its very impressive actually. Quality is great, and I haven’t found a single bug yet. It just works.

2 thoughts on “RTE Player open to the Public”

  1. So for, I haven’t been allowed to access this website, even though I am located in Ireland, so now I’ve had to contact my ISP. 🙁 But I really look forward to using this site, (they’ve FINALLY got it)

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Looking at your IP Address, I can tell that you’re using a BT Reseller connection. The netblock says you’re in country: GB, which would explain why RTE Player is blocking you.
      Any luck with contacting your ISP about this?

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