The door appears to be locked

Observations from my desk, near the door.

I often wonder what goes through some of these people’s minds as they slowly figure out that, the door is infact, locked.

I think it goes something like this:
I’m going to open this door, by pulling on the handle
Oh, it didn’t open. I’ll try again
Strange, it didn’t open again. I’ll try again.
Nope, didn’t open. Thats most unusual. Maybe if I try harder.
No… nope, that didn’t work. Maybe something’s wrong.
Oh look. There’s card swiping thing next to the door. I’ll try the door again.
No, look, that card swipe thing is there, and the door isn’t opening. Maybe its locked. But I’m sure if I try it again, having acknowledged the presence of this security feature, the door will open.
No. Thats not working at all. Maybe I actually need a card to open the door. Or a key. Or maybe if I try it one more time.
Nope. Thats not it. I’ll just stand here, and wait for someone to come past. Then I’ll ask them if the door is locked and needs a card to open it. Wait, maybe if I try it now it’ll open.