What happened?

At the risk of sounding apologetic, I’m sorry I haven’t updated more often…

I started off quite well earlier in the year. Almost a post a day.
Sadly, I started to run out of ideas, and then work took hold.

But now, I have stories. Many many stories. I just have to be careful how I put them down. I don’t want to piss off the guilty, or divulge too much detail.

So, coming up, I promise to post many more stories about work, many stories of the farce that I’ve been working on the past 6 months, and many stories of what I’ve been doing to keep myself focused on not going insane.

Starting, with this picture, of a poor pitiful creature.

Poor mutt
Poor mutt

Izzy got spayed. And now she looks like a collie stuck in the horn of an old Gramophone.