Why is District 9 awesome?

It just is.

Its a Sci-Fi Movie, it has aliens, and people go splat alot.

Its great.

And best of all, there’s a guy with a South African accent, swearing in Afrikaans. Thats the last thing I thought I’d see on an Irish cinema screen.

I could go into all the details, comment on the obvious parallels to Apartheid and all that, but that just made the movie better. It wasn’t the reason I enjoyed it, but it certainly added to the experience.

Seeing Johannesburg like that (and “bolting” 3 giant Heli-pads to the roof of the Carlton Hotel, and then blowing bits of it up), was priceless.

Just go see it, especially if you’re a Sci-Fi person. The Skop, skiet en donner aspect makes it awesome!

2 thoughts on “Why is District 9 awesome?”

  1. Kieran’s wife thinks District 9 was crap! Sorry pooh! ALthough I do love putting on a poppie accent 😛

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