Imagine WiMax

Yes, WiMax (or WiMAX for those that care).

I spent a few weeks, a long time ago, getting the Imagine WiMax Motorola USBw35200 dongle working under Linux using the Sprint 4G Developer software, but it was a nasty hack.

A Hack that stopped working recently. Or at least, when I tried to use it this week it didn’t work.

The basics:
Linux Kernel 3.0.0 has the right kernel module.
You need to build the Spring 4G package to get the firmware out, copy it to /lib/firmware
Imagine uses EAP-TLS
You can get the WiMAX and Imagine server certs from the CD-ROM partition on the dongle (disable usb modeswitch before you insert it)

The problem:
You need a Device Private Key to connect, which is stored in a memory location on the dongle itself. I have no idea how to get it out, or how to point the wimax userspace agents to that memory.