What a summer

Summer 2009 in Ireland has been great.

My parents were here for a while, we got to do a bit of touring/visiting. Got us out of the house!

Sunshine, is always a good thing. Its even better when its warmer in Ireland than it is in South Africa. I really needed some extra sunlight. It has an incredible affect on my mood. I don’t think I’d have been able to handle all the recent work stress if it wasn’t for the sunshine.

And thats why I haven’t posted in a while… So much work :/
But, it keeps me busy and keeps my brain active 🙂

Farewell Bank of Ireland

We’ll be going to shut down Jeanine’s Bank of Ireland account soon. For way too many reasons to name.

But I’ll share a few recent snippets of our recent dealings with them:

“Why would you want to move your account to another branch, you can do everything from any branch.”
“Oh, you want to do (Insert any common banking activity here), you have to do that at the branch your account is held at”

“Sure, this cheque is a Bank of Ireland cheque, it’ll clear in a few hours” – Bank of Irelands definition of “few hours” means anything from 3 hours, to 72 hours.

When I want to do banking, I go to a bank. If I wanted lies, I’d go find a politician.

April fools surprises

So, its April 1st. Everyone’s got their eyes open for the obvious jokes, and some are looking out for the classics (Google always announces something on April 1st)

There were a few amusing ones this year…
Palm Post launched (While they’re still fixing up the Pre for release) 
Google goes AI
Cable theft at the Seacom landing station sets the project back by 6 months

The least amusing surprise I got today, were the un-invited guests wandering around the ground floor of my house at 5am.

 I woke up because Rooney barked (lazy little mutt didn’t even get out of his basket). I heard the sounds of someone wandering around the house, yet everyone that should have been in the house were already accounted for (Jeanine, 2x dogs and myself).

I took a stroll down the stairs (squeeky as any haunted house you’ll ever find), which obviously scared them off.

On the up-side, it only took 7 minutes for the Garda to arrive after I called.

Nothing was taken, which is quite surprising because there were 3 laptops sitting on the lounge coffee table, just asking to go walkies…

Some changes

For the returning readers, I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes.

For all the new readers, Hi!

I started this blog 2 years ago (2 years and 1 week actually), and its time for a little bit of change. Voila!

I’m still playing around with a few Social Networking bits and pieces. So a few things are still being poked and prodded.