Truth hurts

The ex-Minister of Telecommunications in South Africa died last week.

Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, better known as Poison Ivy, was the topic of a few of my rants in the past.

She was really good at stuffing things up, and then starting legal procedures against anyone who tried to fix it. I think she’s the first true example of the “If it aint fixed, don’t fix it, sleep instead” mindset.

Government released their own tribute to her, which ignores all her failings.

So it was left to some more objective people to come up with a fitting tribute.

Easter meanies

Tommorow is Good Friday, and strangely enough, its not a public holiday in Ireland.

Its what they call a Discretionary day, so businesses can “declare” it a day off for their staff, or not (like my employers). The Mrs works for a company that likes their employees, so she has tommorow off. I don’t. Which is rather rubbish, but not nearly as rubbish as being home in bed sick on a free day! Heh

So in the spirit of being mean for Easter, here’s some instructions on how to make an Easter Egg that no-one can retrieve

Order please


My owners say you can order things on the internet. This is the internet right?

They’ve gone out to go do something called work. I don’t know what work is, I find sleeping in my basket too exhausting to do it away from home.
I’ve snuck onto the internet to place an order. 

I’d like a new tennis ball, some more squeeky toys (I like the ones that look like squirrels) and some more of those cow flavoured chew sticks.


PS. Please deliver them directly to the back yard.

Too good to be true – Damn you MS

A few days back,  I posted an advert from Microsoft where they sent a cute redhead out to go buy a laptop for less than $1000.

Just to make a point, the first store she visited was an Apple store. We didn’t see the inside of the store, and we didn’t see the prices, but it was made quite clear that it was very expensive.

CrunchGear dug up the truth about the participant, who turned out to be an actor (Lauren De Long).

Macs are for Elitist people

Or, thats what Microsoft wants you to believe.

Check out this ad from Microsoft, which basically states that only rich, cool people can own a Mac. And only if you’re willing to lower your standards too.

Now I’m not saying that MS is right. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

MS write software, Apple write software AND make the hardware that its designed to run on.

Setting up a SixXS Tunnel in Mikrotik

I haven’t seen any working examples of configuration for setting up a SixXS tunnel on a Mikrotik, so here’s on that I’ve put together.
I’ve just done this, and had to figure alot of it out for myself.

There are a few assumptions:
1) You have a static IP Address
2) You already have a SixXS account, which has been validated, etc.
3) You have a device running Mikrotik RouterOS.
4) You have the ipv6 package installed and enabled

So, onto the nitty gritty…

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