Air France are useless

I’m sure a few of you will remember one of my previous posts, about our trip back to South Africa for Christmas – Christmas in the Sun

Most of that post, was a rant about Air France losing our luggage.
It was eventually returned, but not after we had to spend a few hundred Euro on clothing and toiletries to get us through the 3 days that we both went without our luggage.

There’s also a mention of a 3-4 week process, after which I’ll get my money refunded.

Nice try. Try 8 months, and still not a cent.

Infact, How about 8 months, and not so much as a returned phone-call.

I sent all of the documentation that they requested by registered post. I can confirm (in the very round about way that the french postal system works), that it was delivered (or, wasn’t not delivered… told it was a bit round about).

I’ve made many many phone calls, and all I’ve got to show for it… is my phonebill.

Air France are useless, and they don’t really care about it either.