Our new car

She’s home at last!
Isn’t she pretty?

C4 at home.jpg
Thats a Citroen C4 Coupe.

I think it looks great. Jeanine can’t believe she finally agreed to buy a 3-door car. (She thinks they’re impractical, bah!)

C4 interior overview.jpg
And thats a shot of the Interior. Its really strange, because there isn’t really much of a driver’s dashboard. The Rev-counter is attached to the steering column, and everything else is in that translucent panel in the centre. And its all Digital.
It takes a bit of getting used to, especially since you can’t see the Rev needle twitching when you’re trying to work out the clutch (and I’m new to the car, so Its been a struggle to figure out the perfect spot).

Oh, and the centre hub of the steering wheel doesn’t turn when you turn the steering wheel. Something to do with a shaped airbag, which makes it safer.

Anyways, thats the car. And there will probably be a few more posts with pics, as I get carried away with adding the GPS and MP3 player, etc.

What I’ve been up to all week

I’ve been quite busy this week… And this is why.

Yup, we finally bought a car.
After almost a year and a half worth of using public transport, we decided that standing in the rain after work for an hour wasn’t the best way to spend our free time.

Yep, thats a Citroen C4 Coupe. Thats the 3 door model.
Its a 2005 Model, and its in incredible condition. I’ll be taking more pictures soon, these are just from the website that I found it on.


Next, will be the “upgrading”
I’m not going to do anything to the exterior, or the engine for that matter.
Legal issues here are just too annoying when it comes to modifying your car.

I’m going to be building a PC into the car, for a load of reasons:
MP3 player
Trip logging
Work purposes (mobile internet hotspot)
And just for fun

Citroen uses CANBUS for most of the internal communications in the car, which means that pretty much anything that the car knows, my PC will know.

There are a few things I’d like to implement, that aren’t standard…
Tom has a post on his new car, and a few things he’d like to see

Ofcourse, regular updates on this project will be posted here.