I haven’t sat down and watched TV for a good few years now.

I’m not saying I haven’t watched anything on the TV, I’m just saying that I haven’t anticipated, and watched a scheduled program in years.
I don’t even know what the usual TV line-up looks like anymore.
I do know that I’ll find something worth watching on the 7-odd different Discovery channels we have, but thats just there to numb my mind after a long day.

Last week, for the first time in I dont know how long, I found a TV show that was worth watching (on the internet, via the BBC website).
I actually sat down at the TV, found the channel, and watched a documentary.
I watched it as it aired, which felt unusual.
I wasn’t able to pause it, or rewind. And it had adverts.
And then I did it again yesterday.

All the good TV series’ are coming to an end now anyway, so chances are, I might just do it again next week.