I don’t have a car, so I have to use Public Transport to get everywhere.

Irish Public Transport is incredible compared to the Public Transport infrastructure of South Africa (which amounts to a few buses, which may or may not burst into flames before you get to your destination).
It has its quirks, such as the 114 bus just deciding not to arrive 3 times in a row and leaving you standing outside in the rain staring up the road like a dog would stare at a door, waiting for its owner to come home.

But the part that makes Public Transport so interesting, are the other people that utilize it.

We have some certifiable nutters that catch the 114 in the mornings from Blackrock. The most interesting, being the “newspaper collectors”.
Most mornings, its just the one gentleman. He climbs on the bus and immediately searches the bottom level for newspapers. If he can’t find any lying on the open benches, he’ll start asking people if they’re done with their copies.
Sometimes, you’ll get two on the same bus. This causes a bit of conflict, and they both set off in a frantic search of the bus.
There have been instances where I’ve had to ask for my paper back from one of these gentlemen, or even hide it under my bag to prevent accusing looks.
I’ve managed to count three of these paper nutters, but I’m sure there are more.

Another type of individual that uses the bus, is the I-think-my-music-is-so-cool-so-I’ll-share-it-with-the-whole-bus group of kids.
Apparently its an accomplishment to have a cellphone that will play music out of its crappy little speakers so everyone in the bus can hear.
Some of us aren’t even awake yet, and this is the rubbish that we’ll be starting our mornings with.
Unfortunately, the only music they’re ever playing is utter drivel (see Rap/Hip-Hop for more clarity). If you’re going to be blasting something to all the commuters, why not listen to the news. Who knows, you kids might actually learn something useful.

Then you get the people who talk on their cellphones for the entire journey, at the top of their voices (just in case the driver can’t follow the conversation too).
I don’t need to know how locked you were the night before, or whether it was Bob or Fred that threw up on your shoes.
Now, I know cellphone reception on the 114 route breaks up in a few places, I’ve come to this realisation, only through observing other peoples cellphone calls.
If you know its going to break up, why bother glaring at your phone quizzically, or calling back and saying “Sorry, I don’t know why we were cut off”. Its pretty obvious whats going on. The same thing happened to you yesterday, and the day before. Learn from it.
How would it feel to be the person on the other end of that conversation, knowing that you’re only having the conversation because the caller is on the way to work? I’d feel used.
Get an iPod or something. Better yet, read a newspaper, you might learn something useful.