Farewell Bank of Ireland

We’ll be going to shut down Jeanine’s Bank of Ireland account soon. For way too many reasons to name.

But I’ll share a few recent snippets of our recent dealings with them:

“Why would you want to move your account to another branch, you can do everything from any branch.”
“Oh, you want to do (Insert any common banking activity here), you have to do that at the branch your account is held at”

“Sure, this cheque is a Bank of Ireland cheque, it’ll clear in a few hours” – Bank of Irelands definition of “few hours” means anything from 3 hours, to 72 hours.

When I want to do banking, I go to a bank. If I wanted lies, I’d go find a politician.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

Whats is the point of having this at the end of your email signature?

If you have these sage words of advice, you probably have a stupid 10 line disclaimer about “if you’re not the intended recipient, please don’t read this email” nonsense too. At the end of the email. After you’ve read it.

Do people even realise that your little “legal” disclaimer has absolutely no power at all?
It means nothing. Email is not a legally binding medium, therefore, your email disclaimer means nothing, legally.

Hows this for a suggestion.
Don’t have the stupid legal disclaimer. Don’t have the stupid save the environment nonsense either. That way, when someone does need to print the email, your signature doesn’t take up another page of paper all for itself.

So, lets save a tree or two. Get rid of your excessively long and pointless Email signature.

Meeting Mentality in Ireland, again

I have nother better to do…
No really.

All that prep work and research I did.
All those documents I put together and printed.
Just for the meeting that you requested.

Go right ahead and cancel it 30 minutes before its supposed to start.
With no reason.

Thats fine

For those who can’t recognise it, I used somethere there called Sarcasm.


Telkom does it again…

Telkom ADSL. The perfect broadband solution for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music online.

At least, thats how Telkom advertises and sells their ADSL Broadband.

But what they really say, in the terms and conditions, is that you musn’t use your ADSL.
No really.

MyBroadband has an article today, on the crazy restrictions placed on Telkom ADSL users, as stated in the Acceptable Usage Policy. Duncan McLeod also has a few comments on it.

They warn that downloading, playing games, and viewing websites (.jpg, .gif files) are activities that they warn against.
So whats the point then?

Dont use the network, otherwise it’ll get busy and no-one else will be able to use it.
Umm.. wait, that doesn’t make sense.

Only from Telkom… They amaze me sometimes.

So if this is how Telkom treats their customers, what will happen when/if they finally get some real competition?

How not to promote your business

Okay, I wasn’t going to blog about this, as I thought there was enough coverage on it already.
But Grandad just came up with this gem, which is well worth sharing.

So, to summarize the events of the last few days.

  • Monster sends spam to a bunch of people on the it@cork list.
  • Monster puts all the email addresses in the cc: line, so everyone can see them.
  • Monster offender seems unrepentant
  • Someone posts on Michele’s blog, attacking him.
  • Someone denies working for Monster, continues to attack

Monster, to date, has yet to appologise. Although they did try and intimidate Tom Raftery into removing his posts about it (complete with voicemail).

UPDATE: They did appologise.

Now I know I’m not the only one

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that hates those kids that insist on forcing their crap music on fellow commuters.

They think that everyone else on the bus/train wants to listen to whatever it is they’re listening to, but playing it through their cellphone speaker.

Really kids, your taste in music sucks, I know this, everyone knows this. Stop trying to prove it.

St Patricks – Part 3

As promised in Part 1 and Part 2, here is Part 3

Being that this was our first St Patrick’s day in Ireland, we decided to do the tourist thing and head down to Temple Bar for a pint. Were were just one block away from it anyway, so it was a short walk.

Clearly we weren’t the only ones to take this route, so things were pretty busy, and there were actually queues forming to get into the Pubs.

We managed to find a pub that had a seperate dining area, so we went in to have food.
There wasn’t an Irish accent in the place… not even the waitrons were irish.

We spent a good 2 hours there, having a drink and a lovely steak.
It was quite amuzing watching some of the tourists have their very first pint of Guinness, and the expressions on their faces as they got accustomed to the taste.

We left, and were immediately greeted by 4 of the largest Garda I’ve ever met. They were standing in the street outside glaring at the crowd. It was quite clear things were going downhill, so we decided to leave. We were followed by some sad looking man, who decided to throw a little tantrum. He threw his keys down the road, and then his cellphone (which narrowly missed us), and then proceeded to sulk while trying to avoid the gaze of the Garda.

After wandering around for a while, we realised there wasn’t really much to do if you were sober… And by the looks of it, we were the only ones.
So we headed back home, feeling rather disappointed.

I think we were just expecting more. Maybe we were expecting too much, and were disappointed when things didn’t meet our expectations, but we certainly didn’t expect every person on the streets to be completely trashed by 3pm.

(And then the massive fireworks display was cancelled due to bad weather. We were really looking forward to that, lets hope they go ahead with that some time soon)