FNB and their antics

I’ve ranted about Banking in Ireland, I think its only fair that I rant a bit about banking in South Africa.

Now that they’ve introduced this new tax act, or whatever, things have become really painful.

I used to be able to transfer money into my South African account fairly easily. If it was less than R50000 (which it always was… alot less), then you didn’t have to fill in any paperwork and the South African Tax man was more than happy to let that slip under the radar.
Now, you have to fill in miles of paperwork for everything. Even a R1 transfer needs paperwork.

Then you have to call your bank, and let them know that all is good, and that they can go ahead and clear it.

After the first few months of calling my branch, being put on hold, being promised return calls, sending faxes, shouting at useless people (Tony, I mean you, you useless little half-wit), I eventually got the contact details of Robyn. She was great. I’d just pop off an email to her with the forms all filled in, and within minutes the funds would pop into my account, all good to go.

Now I find out that dear Robyn no longer works in the Forex department, so I’ve had to try find out who will help me.
Its been the most frustrating day so far.
The FNB email server blocks Excel attachments, so I cant even send my forms to anyone there.
Their Fax machine “must be broken, because we haven’t got any faxes all day”.
Their phones don’t even ring, just straight to Busy.

Help.. anyone?

Turns out, they’ve been doing “load shedding” on the power grid in Bedfordview for a few days.
That means, 2 hours on, 2 hours off.
Which explains why I can only get through for a while, and then the phone goes dead.

Anyways, all sorted now. Thanks 🙂