Video Photography?

Some really smart people at the University of Washington have come up with a way to enhance videos by using still photo’s to fill in the details.

I have no other words for what they’ve come up with. Its pretty damn impressive.

You really have to watch the video to see the full potential of what they’re doing here…

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

Clarkson makes an Oops

It was another classic Jeremy Clarkson moment.

CD’s of data are disappearing all over Britain (Okay, maybe not.. but a good few have gone missing thanks to the UK Government), and they’re full of private financial data.

So there’s a massive buzz of privacy groups going on about mass identity theft, etc etc.

Clarkson, understandably, got a little bit pissed off over all the noise that was being generated by it, so he published his personal banking details in his column of the Sunday Times. He called the whole lot a “storm in a teacup”.

Well, as it turns out, he was wrong. And boy does he look silly with all that egg on his face.

Someone set up a Direct Debit on his account, every month, for the value of £500. A donation to the British Diabetic Association.


Crackdown on Copyrights? Oink, Tv-links and Demonoid

Looks like the Authorities have been busy.

TechCrunch say that Oink is down, Tv-links is down, but Demonoid is back up again.

People are going to extreme measures to get what they want. Surely the Movie, TV and Music industries should start to realise that their old marketing models are just not working any more?

I’d rather open up iTunes and buy a track online, than hop in my car to head down to the nearest Music store and buy it there, from some rude teenager who only works there because his parents want him to.

Then, once I’ve got the track from iTunes, I can listen to it on my PC, my iPod, and burn it to CD for my car.
The whole DRM/no-DRM debate is bound to pop-up, in which case, I’m on the no-DRM side. (Trusted computing? What ever happened to letting the consumer have some choice?)

Which would you rather do?
I’m willing to pay for convenience and flexibility…

Hot Captcha


Its becoming more and more difficult to figure out if a browser is really human, or some programmed entity designed to get through authentication mechanisms and post SPAM everywhere. have come up with a way.
You are presented with 9 pictures of people from, and you must select 3 “hot” people to prove that you’re human.