Too good to be true – Damn you MS

A few days back,  I posted an advert from Microsoft where they sent a cute redhead out to go buy a laptop for less than $1000.

Just to make a point, the first store she visited was an Apple store. We didn’t see the inside of the store, and we didn’t see the prices, but it was made quite clear that it was very expensive.

CrunchGear dug up the truth about the participant, who turned out to be an actor (Lauren De Long).

Macs are for Elitist people

Or, thats what Microsoft wants you to believe.

Check out this ad from Microsoft, which basically states that only rich, cool people can own a Mac. And only if you’re willing to lower your standards too.

Now I’m not saying that MS is right. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

MS write software, Apple write software AND make the hardware that its designed to run on.

Microsoft installs Desktop Search, without you knowing

Now really Microsoft?
I thought my PC was my PC, not yours. Surely I have a say in what gets installed on it?

Oh, wait, thats not what you seem to think?

So now every PC running Windows with Automatic Updates, is going to end up installing Windows Desktop Search. Then its going to start indexing. Everything.
Every drive (local and network) is going to be scanned, file by file.

Thats going to slow down the user’s PC, and possibly put a very large load on their fileservers.