Miro turns 1.0

If you haven’t yet, you should probably head on over to the Miro website and start up the download while you read this.

Miro is a Free Open-Source Internet TV and Video Player.
Thats alot to fit into a single application. And they do it well.

Their biggest “selling point” is that they claim to be better than Joost.

They even go to the pains of listing why.

But what can you do with Miro? What is Miro all about…

I’ve been messing around with Miro for about a week now, and so far I’m impressed.

The Channel Guide has a selection of loads of different “channels” for you to view.
Basically, a Channel is an RSS feed. And each program in a channel is an article.

Its a very clever way of distributing content, and its also very easy to make your own channel.

Thats very different from the way Joost are doing things.

There are loads of HD channels as well, which is Joost’s major shortcoming.

Now if only I had more disk space…