Why do I always feel guilty after renting a movie?

I rented a few movies from the local Xtra-vision for the weekend.

So we get all cozy on the couch, with a pizza and some popcorn.
First, we get the 2 minutes of Disclaimers and Copyright notices, in 23 different languages. And then a notice from the FBI, in a few hundred other languages.
Then we’re forced to sit through a “Downloading-a-movie-is-like-stealing-a-car” clip, which you cannot fast forward, skip or even pause.

Why must I watch this? I rented the movie. I paid for it. Why must I be forced to sit and watch something that doesn’t apply to me?
How dare they dictate what I can and cannot do in my own home, on my DVD player.
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Piracy is better than you think

When a Movie Producer emails in to a website, and effectively says “Thanks for pirating our movie”, then you know its not as bad as all those HotShot movie industry types say it is…

Perhaps the MPAA should pay a little more attention to the facts, instead of pushing hype.

I dont know about anyone else, but I’d much sooner go watch a movie on someone elses recommendation, than on the suggestings of a big flashy ad campaign.