I Went paintballing with a few guys from work on Sunday.
It was such a nice sunny day, I almost didn’t want to go looking for cover. I just felt like sitting in the sun.

Sadly, throughout the days games, it became clear to me that kids can’t be trusted to be honest.
It just so happens that these kids were first year science students at UCD.

Lets say you get shot in a game, you have 2 choices:
1) Put your hands up, scream out “I’m hit” and go to the marshal, who will then count this towards the score.
2) Don’t put your hands up, be dishonest, and piss the shooter off. Which results in another volley of shots smacking you in some very uncomfortable places.

Either way, you’re worse off for it, so you might as well go for option 1, and come out with fewer bruises.
After a full day of gaming, our “science students” still hadn’t figured this out.

At the end of the day, they “won”, but we don’t have nearly as many bruises as they do.