Pens confiscated for being dangerous

Okay, Maybe the title is a bit of a lie. But at the rate the UK police are going, its probably not far off.

A board game, called the War on Terror, was confiscated by British police, because it had a balaclava in the box.

The balaclava, “could be used to conceal someone’s identity or could be used in the course of a criminal act”.

New rules I’m expecting to see the UK implement:

  • Pens are illegal, for being “mightier than the sword”.
  • Brides are no longer allowed to wear a veils, as they might be terrorists.
  • 14 year old boys will be mandated, by law, to shave. Incase their fuzzy top lip conceals their identity.
  • Tinted contact lenses will be outlawed, as this would confuse the police when trying to build an identi-kit

Update: Looks like the War on Terror Board Game website is down, so here’s Bruce Schneier’s take on things, with a little explanation of the game.