Why do we need so much variety?

What ever happened to Butter?

The stuff you cook with, bake with and spread on bread? Just simple butter.

I can get Low fat butter. Butter thats not really butter. Butter with added Omega’s. Low low fat butter. Half fat Butter.

Where’s the normal butter? In a tub. Just plain butter in a tub?

And Shampoo.

I don’t tint or dye my hair, its not permed, I don’t have¬†dandruff, I don’t need extra volume.

I stood there for 5 minutes just staring at a wall of too much choice.

I just want shampoo, for hair, on my head.


Cisco need to rethink their support

I recently had the mispleasure of trying to use the cisco.com website.

I wasn’t even trying to do anything with a Cisco router, or switch, or any Cisco hardware at all. I was trying to upgrade the software on my Linksys SPA942.

But its a Linksys device you say? Well yes, but Cisco bought Linksys in 2003. Obviously, they saw a gap in their product offerings (specifically, the home and small office market), and decided to fill it, by buying a company that was already filling the gap. (As is the Cisco way…)

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