Dealing with SARS from the other end of the globe

SARS (South African Revenue Services), in their wisdom, have implemented a national call centre. This means that there’s one phone number for everything (0860121218).
The only problem with this, is that you cant dial 086 numbers from outside of South Africa.

No problem, I’ll just check on the SARS website for the normal number.
No such thing. Or rather, too many of them.

So rather than calling up every one of SARS’ little branches around South Africa, of which there are hundreds, I asked a friend in South Africa to call the 086 number, and ask them for help.
That didn’t work either, so I started with the office that I believed would have the best shot of answering their phones.

The Johannesburg office simply had a little message telling me they’re only open until 4pm. All other offices had a message telling me that I must call the central call centre.
Thats useful.

Eventually, I got through to the Boksburg office (probably because they’re too behind the times to have implemented the advanced technology required to tell people to go away). The lovely lady on the other end was able to help me, and eventually gave me a number that I could call.

+27118763000 is an office somewhere in Pretoria, where the receptionist only knows how to transfer calls to HR. Which wasn’t much help at all.
A little bit of friendly chat with the HR lady (after being transfered to her for the 4th time), resulted in me managing to get +27123172000 out of her. Which is the International Number for the Call Centre!

Hooraaaay. At last!

The “National” Call Centre, was able to give me a fax number in Cape Town for me to fax all my details to.
The concerning part is, I lived and worked in Johannesburg, so I have no Idea why they’d give me an 021 fax number to send my papers to. (Actually, I do have one idea, and thats probably explained by the silence on the line when I answered that I was living in Dublin now… Is there a Dublin in the Western Cape?)