Telkom does it again…

Telkom ADSL. The perfect broadband solution for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music online.

At least, thats how Telkom advertises and sells their ADSL Broadband.

But what they really say, in the terms and conditions, is that you musn’t use your ADSL.
No really.

MyBroadband has an article today, on the crazy restrictions placed on Telkom ADSL users, as stated in the Acceptable Usage Policy. Duncan McLeod also has a few comments on it.

They warn that downloading, playing games, and viewing websites (.jpg, .gif files) are activities that they warn against.
So whats the point then?

Dont use the network, otherwise it’ll get busy and no-one else will be able to use it.
Umm.. wait, that doesn’t make sense.

Only from Telkom… They amaze me sometimes.

So if this is how Telkom treats their customers, what will happen when/if they finally get some real competition?