Crackdown on Copyrights? Oink, Tv-links and Demonoid

Looks like the Authorities have been busy.

TechCrunch say that Oink is down, Tv-links is down, but Demonoid is back up again.

People are going to extreme measures to get what they want. Surely the Movie, TV and Music industries should start to realise that their old marketing models are just not working any more?

I’d rather open up iTunes and buy a track online, than hop in my car to head down to the nearest Music store and buy it there, from some rude teenager who only works there because his parents want him to.

Then, once I’ve got the track from iTunes, I can listen to it on my PC, my iPod, and burn it to CD for my car.
The whole DRM/no-DRM debate is bound to pop-up, in which case, I’m on the no-DRM side. (Trusted computing? What ever happened to letting the consumer have some choice?)

Which would you rather do?
I’m willing to pay for convenience and flexibility…

Trusted computing?

So you want to run something on your PC. Or on your Mobile Phone, or on your PDA, or on your….. (you get the idea)

How do you know, that its not something malicious. Like a Virus, or a Worm, or a Trojan, or a Keylogger, or a … (again, you get the idea)

Well, you were expected to make this sort of decision on your own. Do you trust the source of that software to not send you anything malicious?
Its the same as asking you if you trust the food that your parents feed you, and if you trust the sweets that a stranger was offering you.
It was always your decision to make.

Now, the computing, and especially the entertainment industry are wanting to make that decision for you.
But its more about controlling what you can and cannot do, rather than deciding whats good for you and what isn’t (Pirate DVD’s are bad for you… if you understand where I’m going with this).

What ever happened to the right to do what you want with something you own?

I could launch into an hour long monologue on my latest attempt at installing Windows XP on my Tablet PC (with a Key that I paid for, on a Tablet PC that I paid for, but it wouldn’t let me…), but I won’t.

I thought Trust was a 2 way thing? But its clear that “they” don’t trust us, so why would we want to trust them?

Trusted Computing on Wikipedia for some more info.

And a very cool video that explains it nicely.