Another Project

Now that my MythTV Project (well, Phase 1) is nearing completion, I’ve come up with a few new projects.

I’m not sure why I feel this need to have many little projects on the go… I barely have enough time to put into one project.

Anyway, Here’s my idea.

Microsoft’s Marketing department came up with this one a few months back.
The Microsoft Surface. Looks cool, I can see the potential, but I think its a long way away from being something that everyone has in their lounge.

Keep in mind, the technology behind the Multi-touch interface has been around alot longer than Microsoft Surface (Check out the bottom of this page to see some examples of earlier systems). The US Military have been putting alot of money into it too…

My Idea is to try create something similar to the Microsoft Surface, but with a substantially smaller pricetag (I’m not about to pay $10,000 for a new coffee table)

There’s an Instructable (Very good website, by the way. Lots of cool instructions on doing cool things, and a load of pointless stuff too…) on the theory behind the Multitouch “surface”, and how to build it.
I’ll probably be following that very closely.

Then the next part of the project will be software. I still need to come up with a complete todo list on the software side of things, but there appear to be enough tools and libraries out there to get the basics going.

I think the biggest item on the Software wishlist is integration with the MythTV… Using the table as a giant remote.

And to keep you guys busy (and to illustrate the hugh possibilities for a project like this), here’s a video.