DNSMasq suddenly stopped working?

If you’ve recently done an update on your debian or ubuntu Linux system, and you’re running dnsmasq, you might have noticed that it’s no longer responding to remote queries.

Check your /var/log/syslog
Do you have a line saying something like
dnsmasq[14673]: Ignoring query from non-local network

Well, thats because dnsmasq has decided to change the default behaviour for service DNS queries.
It will now only answer to itself by default

From the changelog for version 2.69

Add –local-service. Accept DNS queries only from hosts
whose address is on a local subnet, ie a subnet for which
an interface exists on the server. This option
only has effect if there are no –interface –except-interface,
–listen-address or –auth-server options. It is intended
to be set as a default on installation, to allow
unconfigured installations to be useful but also safe from
being used for DNS amplification attacks.

So the fix for me was to add a line to my /etc/dnsmasq.conf