Getting simple data from MyEskom

Eskom has developed a great webapp it calls MyEskom. Once you create an account and tell it where you live, it’ll give you localised information on the state of the power grid.

It looks pretty good on a phone, better on a tablet, and aweful on a proper web browser.

Its great that they’re making the information freely available, I’m just not keen on having a web page open that hurts my eyes. I want a simple 2-line summary of what’s going on.

So I dove into the background and figured out which HTTP POST to fake to get all the information I needed. Then I wrote a simple python script to do just that, and print out what I wanted to know.

The output I get now is very simple, but it contains everything you need.

Power Status: high/up/red
Turn off: Electric Stove,Geyser,Pool Pump,Dryer,Dishwasher,Heater,Normal Lights

Code is available on github

Feel free to fork it, contribute and make something awesome.