What a summer

Summer 2009 in Ireland has been great.

My parents were here for a while, we got to do a bit of touring/visiting. Got us out of the house!

Sunshine, is always a good thing. Its even better when its warmer in Ireland than it is in South Africa. I really needed some extra sunlight. It has an incredible affect on my mood. I don’t think I’d have been able to handle all the recent work stress if it wasn’t for the sunshine.

And thats why I haven’t posted in a while… So much work :/
But, it keeps me busy and keeps my brain active 🙂

Back to the grind

So I returned to work on monday.
Same old nonsense, nothing new here.

A few things have changed though.
Apparently we’re trying to decrease our Carbon Footprint. Essentially, this means we have to work in the dark, turn our PCs off when we’re not using them, and walk to work.

The sun is starting to annoy me now. There is just too much daylight now, its driving me insane.

And I think I caught some sort of bug on the flight back. I feel like absolute shite!